Lesson Plans: Box House

Box House systems are a plane with a 'cone point' or multiple 'cone points'.

There are several lessons that can be adapted for use in grades 5-12. It is suggested to start by introducing single corner systems and working up towards two corner systems. Paths along the surface can be thought of as a bug walking along the surface, wrapping around the edges when it gets to one. 


1. All activity occurs on the surface.

2. Straight Lines are like ribbons when wrapping a present.

3. To wrap a ribbon around a corner, it requires 'cutting the ribbon'. Lines that travel through the cone point become harder to define. 

4. Angles, length, area have their usual interpretations. 



One Corner Plane

Two Corner Plane 

Box House Cicles

Interior Cone Point

Parallel Lines

Box House Rectangles

Box House Quadralaterals


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