Stargate Systems
Explore a brand new Plane!

Stargate Systems have a special "stargate" that allows for instantaneous travel.

These stargates can lead to another position in the same plane, or even allow travel between multiple planes (kind of like multiple universes!) There are a few special rules that go along with this type of geometry:

1. If there 2 or more planes then they are distinct, that is, there is no way to travel between these planes save for going through a stargate that connects to it.

2. The stargates themselves have a distinct width.

3. You can travel through stargates. 

4. Stargates are labeled with their destinations. 

Note: There are two cone-points (see: Box House) at the ends of the stargate. For the figure to be considered non-Euclidean it must travel around one of these cone-points.





Plane Stargate

Plane Stargate (Rectangle)

Stargate Triangle

Tri-plane Rectangle

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